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Alternative Educations
« on: December 27, 2019, 05:42:05 pm »
Re-posting something from above:

People need far more than they get in a conventional college program. Need far more just to know how you want to live, what values you want to support. College is always too limited, too narrow, and out of date.

Most college is already too much like job training, too narrow, and too shallow, inherently exploitative.

And then there is this legitimacy issue. Young adults are under incredible pressure to conform in their aspirations. And so this is forced pertaining to college. They can only do what is considered legitimate.

And then since with your impacted programs in elite colleges, these are largely incompatible with even part time employment. And the school programs themselves are pretty much forced to be full time.

So the college program locks out everything else, and so one is forced to derive their social legitimacy from that program. This then makes one take the interpretation which is being pitched. Hard to defend any alternative interpretation.

I needed far more breadth and far more depth.
Certainly like that for me, and I needed much much more. I needed to be able to be a creative person, like an artist, in what every I was to do. College exposed me to many things, and I did learn much, but it still amounted to a continuation of adolescence, delayed adult status.

College tends for force people to accept mainstream and societally approved aspirations. As such what they can learn is constrained and limited. And their original goals get twisted.

Think about it, in a trade school people are lectured at and they get watered down text books, but they don't get the real stuff.  Well I feel that lots of other types of college are also the same way.

We need something different!

Yes - Yours Is No Disgrace - Live at Beat-Club - 1971

There is Life After College

There is life after college : what parents and students should know about navigating school to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow / Jeffrey J. Selingo. (2016)

The path of the everyday hero : drawing on the power of myth for solving life's most important challenges / Lorna Catford, Michael Ray. (1991)

Do what you love, the money will follow : discovering your right livelihood / Marsha Sinetar. (1989)

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