Author Topic: Haskell and Python Libraries for Functional Programming  (Read 84 times)


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Haskell and Python Libraries for Functional Programming
« on: July 22, 2021, 06:18:44 pm »
Functional Programming for Dummies, by John Paul Mueller.

Author is of quite some renown.

Must have libraries for Haskell:

Hascore - means of describing music! Also American Mathematic SOciety, material about music on their public outreach

vect - all for computer graphics

binary - lets you serialize your data so you can transmit it.

vector - because arrays work better than linked lists. (C++ STL has something similar)

aeson - for doing stuff with JSONs.

attoparsec - for parsing mixed format files

bytestring - for interacting with data, can be strict or lazy

stringsearch -

text - Unicode, everything

moo - Genetic Algoriths!

Must have libraries for Python:

PyAudio -

PyQtGraph -

TkInter - GUI

PrettyTable -

SQLAlchemy -

Toolz - lots of stuff good for Functional Programming

ClouderaOryx - Machine learning for Apache Hadoop

funcy - all stuff inspired by Clojure, for doing functional programming

SciPy - all stuff for scientific computing

XGBoost - Gradient Boosting Machine, for Python, R, Java, C++

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