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Title: Reply about the new manual
Post by: forbitals on July 03, 2019, 02:28:36 pm
I agree with @mental.

We don't need to watch the biomedical psychiatrists and the psychologists fight over market share.

The compassion and empathy of a psychotherapist is powerful.  It reaches all the way out to the most dusty corners of their office.  But then it goes no further.

Living without public honor is very painful, because one is marginalized and vulnerable.  But a psychotherapist has taken on the job of convincing people that they should live without making any attempts to restore their public honor.  Rather they are to believe that all of their pain and difficulties in living spring from things which happened long long ago.  And then still, they should make no attempts at redress.

The therapist needs this, because that allows them to protect their own denial systems.  What a cool set up, earning a living by abusing other survivors, by making them believe lies, so that the therapist can maintain their own denial systems.

And the more you tell your therapist, the less defensible space you have.

Fortunately we now have attorneys who are suing Psychotherapists over this, Transference Abuse.

Psychotherapy runs on the same logic that the middle-class family uses to psychically scar and maim children, the Self-Reliance Ethic, and it's all For Your Own Good.  Whereas the parents might have been using an out of date edition of the pedagogy manual, your Psychotherapist will have the newest edition.  It talks about empathy, nurturing, attachment, and communications skills.  And it's just like Rousseau's Emile, teaching parents how to manipulate and exploit children, by making it feel like what is happening is actually under their control, as it is for their own good.

Psychotherapy is pedagogy.  And the idea is that when completed, you will practice the same denial systems, believe the same lies, and worship the same idols as all the normals.

No we do not need this, and we do not want this on this forum.  Nothing in R.W.'s books ever legitimates psychotherapy or recovery.
Title: Re: Reply about the new manual
Post by: forbitals on July 06, 2019, 03:23:04 pm
Lucy Johnstone, why do you think anyone would go along with this, let you open your new manual and label them? You are preying on survivors, because no one who has not already been severely abused would submit to you.

All you are doing is replacing the Biomedical model with a Moral Superiority – Self Improvement Model.

You’re trying to make people surrender any and all efforts a restoring their public honor.

The state licenses people like you, because you get people to submit, and to stop fighting back.

So as I am understanding the later writings of Foucault, the state used to have to use the threat of execution to control people.

But now, not necessary. And then think about the people who have gone with psychotherapy, recovery, and salvation religion. They are completely passive. No need to brandish the threat of execution with them. They can be controlled very easily simply by withholding from them the permission to die.

And as long as there are financial and status incentives, we will continue trying to replace the Biomedical model with the Morally Superior and Self-Improvement model.

Our state licenses Psychotherapists and Recovery Programs to keep survivors from ever trying to fight back.
Title: Re: Reply about the new manual
Post by: forbitals on July 08, 2019, 04:09:11 pm
Promoting a Moral Improvement - FYOG model, over the Biomedical model is just a way of continuing to target survivors for more abuse.

Survivors need to learn to fight back in the here and now, and accept none of these models of defect, and sto settle for nothing other than penalties for perpetrators, and reparations for survivors.

The PTMF is just the latest in an ongoing campaign to press survivors into life without public honor.  And we have already seen so many cases where this results in suicide.

We must organize survivors into teams who will fight back.