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D'Azzo and Houpis, 1960


D'Azzo and Houpis, 1960

D'Azzo and Houpis, 1960

The reason I wanted such an old book is real simple.  I wanted to see what it talks about and what it fails to talk about.  I wanted to see what they feel they must explain, and what they feel they can just assume people understand.

This is one of the classic texts and I am familiar with later editions.  They are interesting, but there is also a lot of stuff they do not cover.

Today, if you want to do anything with this, you want to develop computer software.  You want programs to do the computations.  But you also want embedded software to go into your system.  And then you want test bench software to chronicle how your stuff works, and to the the necessary model parameters. 

And you want newer much more sophisticated theory, going further than what this book covers.

And then I also want the old references in this book, especially the math books.  So let me start with these references.


Trinks, W.  "Governors and the Governing of Prime Movers" 1919
Governors and the governing of prime movers / by W. Trinks, 140 illustrations.

Bode, H. W. "Network Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Design", 1945
Network analysis and feedback amplifier design, by Hendrik W. Bode (1945)

Blackburn, J. F. "Components Handbook" McGraw-Hill, 1948
Components handbook / ed by John F. Blackburn [under the supervision of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, National Defence Research Committee. (1949)
Blackburn, John Francis

Wylie, C. R. Jr. "Advanced Engineering Mathematics", McGraw-Hill, 1951
Wylie, Clarence Raymond, 1911-   Advanced engineering mathematics (1951)  first edition, 640 pages.  Later editions of this too, but they have more pages.

Corcoran, G. F., and R. M. Kerchner, "Alternating-current Circuits", 3rd edition, John Wiley and Sons, 1951
Alternating-current circuits, by Russell M. Kerchner ... and George F. Corcoran ... (1943, and then also later editions)

Gardner, M. F. and J. L. Barnes "Transients in Linear Systems" John Wiley and Sons, 1942
Transients in linear systems studied by the Laplace transformation [by] Murray F. Gardner ... and John L. Barnes (1942)

Trimmer, J. D. "Response of Physical Systems" John Wiley and Sones, 1950
Trimmer, J. D., Response of physical systems., New York, Wiley [1950]

"Flow Meters, Their Theory and Application" American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1937
but there is also this: Notes on small flow meters for air : especially orifice meters / by Edgar Buckingham, Physicist, Bureau of Standards. 1921

Now more refs from  D'Azzo and Houpis

Burns, R. A., and R. M. Saunders "Analysis of Feedback Control Systems" McGraw-Hill, 1955
Analysis of feedback control systems; servomechanisms and automatic regulators [by] Robert A. Bruns [and] Robert M. Saunders (1955)

Doherty, R. E., and E. G. Keller "Mathematics of Modern Engineering", Wiley, 1936
Mathematics of modern engineering ... by Robert E. Doherty ... and Ernest G. Keller (1936, 2 volumes)

Weber, E. "Linear Transient Analysis" Wiley, 1954

Electrical Engineering Staff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Electric Circuits" MIT Press, 1940

Truxal, J. G. "Automatic Feedback Control Systems Synthesis", McGraw-Hill, 1955
Automatic feedback control system synthesis

Gardner, M. F. and J. L. Barnes "Transients in Linear Systems", Wiley, 1942
Transients in linear systems studied by the Laplace transformation [by] Murray F. Gardner ... and John L. Barnes (1942)

Churchill, R. V. "Operational Mathematics" McGraw-Hill 1958
    Operational mathematics / [by] Ruel V. Churchill (1971 3rd edition, earlier 1958 edition also available)

Thomson, W. T. "Laplace Transformation" Prentice-Hall, 1950
Thomson, William Tyrrell. Laplace transformation : theory and engineering applications. (1950)

Guillemin, E. A. "The Mathematics of Circuit Analysis", Wiley, 1949
The mathematics of circuit analysis : extensions to the mathematical training of electrical engineers / Ernst A. Guillemin. (1950)

Brown, G. S., and D. P. Campbell, "Principles of Servomechanisms", Wiley, 1948
Principles of servomechanisms; dynamics and synthesis of closed-loop control systems [by] Gordon S. Brown [and] Donald P. Campbell (1948)

Linear control system analysis and design : conventional and modern / John J. D'Azzo, Constantine H. Houpis (1988)

So this is newer than the last edition I had ever seen.  But it is similar.  A very big book.

It has all the old stuff going back to 1960.

But it also has stuff about Time Domain Modern Controls.  I would still say that this is only scratching the surface.  No adaptive controls, and no H-Infinity controls or anything like that, and certainly no fuzzy or neural network controls.  THough I suspect that some don't see that as stuff to be taken seriously.  I would like to read the differing views though.

Last chapter is on z-transform, as opposed to Laplace transform, for digital.  But I would still say that this is just scratching the surface.

And of course I will be wanting to record lots of references.

Miles Davis

So, drawing from:

Linear Control Systems Analysis and Design
Conventional and Modern
Third Edition
John D'Azzo and Constantine Houpis

Development of Digital Aircraft Controls

SAS - Stability Augmentation System

CAS - Command Augmentation System

FBW - Fly By Wire

DFCS - Digital Flight Control System

Laplace Transform and 1932 Nyquist paper on steady-state frequency-response techniques for feedback amplifier design.

Work by Black, H. S. 1934
Bode, H. W. 1945
Hall, A. C. 1946
Harris, H. 1946
Nyquist, H. 1932

Talks about writing system equations, usually LTI, Linear Time Invariant

Talks about Lagrange's Equation

Talks about every kind of system, even electromagnetic with capacitive coupling.  Talks about hydraulic actuators.

Talks about thermal, modeled as a circuit, capacitor being charged by a voltage source through a resistor.  Then they add a second resistor and capacitor to show heat transfer to something more remote.  You could add another resistor, a bleeder, to account for heat losses beyond this.

DeRusso, P. M. et al  "State Variables for Engineers", Wiley 1965
State variables for engineers [by] Paul M. DeRusso, Rob J. Roy [and] Charles M. Close (1965)

Blackburn J. F. ed "Components Handbook" McGraw-Hill 1948  ( a book of this type this old would be trip to look at )

Wylie, C. R. jr  "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" 4th ed, McGraw-Hill 1975

   Wylie, Clarence Raymond, 1911-  Advanced engineering mathematics, first edition 1951, only 640 pages

Kinariwala, B. et al "Linear Circuits and Computation" 1973

Gantmacher, F. R. "Applications of the Theory of Matrices" 1959

   Gantmakher, F. R. (Feliks Ruvimovich)  Applications of the theory of matrices / Translated and rev. by J. L. Brenner, with the assistance of D. W. Bushaw and S. Evanusa New York : Interscience Publishers, 1959

Kalman, R. E. "Mathematical Description of Lineal Dynamical Systems" paper , 1963

^^^  a NASA big wig and a leader in the movement to Stochastic Controls, and for filtering and even for phased locked loops

Kalman, R. E. (Rudolf Emil), 1930-
Topics in mathematical system theory [by] R. E. Kalman, P. L. Falb [and] M. A. Arbib
New York : McGraw-Hill, [1969]

The Kalman Filter


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