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Re: Autism, France
« on: June 18, 2019, 05:28:02 pm »
Here, Françoise Dolto, this is what makes the American Austism Promoters livid.

Here, only 75,000 accessed, but probably 700,000 autistics.  So most have not been accessed.  Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!

So what do they have, ABA and PRT therapy, with aversive and rewards, and teaching children to read with electrical shocks?

No, this is how it is done in the United States.

In France they have a network of special 0 - 4 years day care centers where psychoanalysis consists of supervised play therapy.

Here, the text of this article shows the rage in the American Autism Advocates.  Hard to see though in the pictures what they are so angry about.

A special 0 to 4 years daycare, and where the parents are welcome to be there too.  How could anyone object to that?

Well, these American Autism Advocates are people like Alex Plank.  He has been standing up making speeches about Autism-Aspergers since he was a teenager.  That there is this ~neurological difference~ and that such special treatments are necessary and that there could be no perpetrators behind this are core components of his identity.  And he runs a forum.  On his forum you cannot question the reality of Autism-Asperger's as neurologically based disorders.

In France they don't seem to see it this way, seeing it more as the result of stress and negative experiences, and probably something which can be grown out of.

I read the writings of these American Autism Advocates, and they tell me all the things that they thus are not able to do.  But in the stories they tell, and even in that they wrote such books, they are showing me that not only can they do such things, but that their abilities are far above average.  And the turning point in their lives always seems to be the point at which they no longer live with their parents.


Frances is being subjected to international pressure to see this as the English speaking world does, as necessitating child torture to obtain compliance.

Whereas the French really see the whole thing as no big deal.  This Charles Melman sees what is being called autism is simply the result of a non-accepting early childhood.

Here, though machine translated:

I'm not endorsing psychoanalysis because it is not redress, it is merely manipulating the sufferer.  But compared with how Autism is treated in the US, behavioral tortures, psychoanalysis would be a big improvement.  It's still a fixmykid doctor, but its a kind of fixmykid doctor which will terrify parents.  According to Peter Breggin, all of the US Autism Groups are really just defensive formations of the parents.  And then, redress might come later.

Ironically, the Lacanian approach to autism argues that autists are autistic because we fail to pass through a developmental phase that Lacan calls “the mirror stage.”  This is the point at which the infant (in Lacan’s view) recognizes itself as a being separate from its mother by virtue of recognizing itself in a mirror.  In Lacanian parlance, autists are “self-absorbed” because we fail to get through the mirror stage properly; we somehow fail to develop into a stage capable of self-reflection.

I still know that Sami Timimi and his co-authors are correct, "Autism does not exist".  But the French Psychoanalytic approach is still a big step up from the American interpretation.