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Autism Targetting
« on: June 20, 2019, 03:44:51 pm »

linked to text:
Because of the ongoing hoax of Autism-Asperger's, and because of the passivity of the targeted, anyone seen as kind of out of it, in their own space, or otherwise not in submission to heard norms, stands to have their social identity stigmatized, as well to be subjected to invasive procedures such as using magnetic fields to make currents flow through the axons of the nerves in their brains.  And then as this type of procedure becomes more well known, it will become common for parents to have this done to their children.

PacificDawn   June 19, 2019 at 5:27 pm 

And here he is John Elder Robison himself, being readied for his transcranial magnet zap:

Powerful magnetic fields, which change rapidly with time, induce currents in the axons of the nerve cells inside of his brain. He feels that this makes him ďnormalĒ. But it only lasts for a while, then things return to how they were before.

So because of his books and advocacy, parents are driving their kids to the doctor right now. Autism-Aspergerís has been a phenomenal gold strike, and child predators are booming the find in every way which you could imagine.

Robison accepted the Aspergerís diagnosis as an adult. And this was after it was laid on his son. In his 3rd book Robison talks about watching his son be used and subjected to what Alice Miller called The Narcissistic Wound, on a daily basis. Itís just that Robison has no understanding of this. And then they took him to the Yale lab, founded by a major supporter of the Eugenics Movement, and got him labeled. It was after this that Robison went and got himself labeled too. Since he has emerged as a major proponent of Autism-Aspergerís. To listen to him write about it, talking about the design details of rail locomotives and the giant diesel engines for container ships, Robison would have us believe that most all of the thousands of people who work in these fields must have some degree of Autism-Aspergerís, and the same for those with NASA.

Robison needed this assessment because it exonerates all perpetrators, like his two extremely abusive parents.

And then Robisonís son and Alex Plank have gone on to set up an Autism-Aspergerís oriented forum called Wrong Planet. Robison has tried to deny this, but in his third book he endorses said forum.

On Wrong Planet people are not allowed to question the reality of Austim-Aspergerís, especially this ~defect disorder neurological difference~ understanding. Those who try to talk sense about it are quickly banished.

Alex Plank was diagnosed with this ~neurological difference~ known as Aspergerís 20 years ago, at age 9. So back when he was in high school he started making speeches about it, to educate everyone, and to give himself a kind of identity which exonerates perpetrators.

To be completely honest, when I first saw videos of Alex Plank making these kinds of speeches, I thought to myself, ďNerdy KidĒ.

Okay, but that applies to lots and lots of people, and especially at that age. And of course I am including myself in this too. Adolescence is often hard. Donít know that it has to be, but often it is. I mean Muggle Schools which use bullying to socialize, and the ones really behind it being the teachers and the parents, it can be really bad.

So John Elder Robison and Alex Plank have very conformist social views, one is obliged to measure up to normative societal expectations. Robison says, ďThey donít owe you any special exemptions.Ē And then so you can see how important a concept like this Autism-Aspergerís Spectrum then becomes.

Listening to Alex Plankís speeches, I would say that his primary message is just that this ~neurological difference~ is absolute objective reality and that there is no way of challenging it and that you hence must accept it.

Now, Alex Plank is livid about what has been going on in France, not really taking Autism seriously, and dismissing this ~neurological difference~ idea entirely. But France has elected a neoliberal government, and so even if people did not see how much neoliberalism depends upon Autism-Aspergerís and on other things like that, I am sure that now they are coming to understand. Changes are being made in France. I think they will be subjecting children to the same kinds of behavioral tortures which children are being subjected to in the United States.

I donít know if this really qualifies as an Anti-Pedagogy Manual, but it is interesting:

They talk about getting a child to sleep through the night. They talk about a ďpauseĒ before responding to the cries of a child who awakens. They talk about how American parents are actually waking the child up in how quickly they respond.

I read some of it, and there are differences in thinking, and in temperament.

By Anglo-American standards, I feel that most French, at least most Parisians, would be considered autistic.

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Re: Autism Targetting
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2019, 03:49:41 pm »
As far as students using mental health services, I presume that that means psychotherapy.

They should not be using psychotherapy, they should know better, they should be taught better.  Our colleges should not be enabling or supporting psychotherapy in any way shape or form, and this should be a matter of law.

"The practice of psychotherapy is wrong because it is profiting off of another person's misery."