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Multiple Menu Model
« on: April 21, 2022, 02:05:35 pm »
The Multiple Menu Model
A Practical Guide for Developing Differentiated Curriculum
Joseph S. Renzulli etal, Forward by Carol Ann Tomlinson

What this book describes is interesting, and they do prescribe that there be college level textbooks available.  It is a flexible multi subject curriculum.   And clearly it is easier for students to engage with and better for students in the lower and middle tracks.

Renzulli and Tomlinson are the ones the Un-Tracking advocates cite as saying that common classrooms are better for the Gifted too.

This is hard to see evidence of.  A child who is committed to graduate level studies in a competitive university would not even want to waste their time in these kinds of classes.  They want to arrive at the university better prepared than any other students, and they want advanced placement.  For them education is competitive, and they know what things they will need to know and what books show all of this.  They will want to make progress everyday.  This more cooperative program that Renzulli and Tomlinson are showing does not support this adequately.

other by these authors

Light up your Child's MindLight up your Child's Mind, Book
Finding A Unique Pathway to Happiness and Success
by Renzulli, Joseph S. (2009)

Enriching curriculum for all students / Joseph S. Renzulli, Sally M. Reis (2008)

Differentiation for gifted and talented students / Carol Ann Tomlinson, editor (2004)

I have much more I must read.

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