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Replies to Robert W.
« on: August 08, 2019, 03:34:18 pm »
Yes, blaming the ~mentally ill~ and the ~unmedicated mentally ill~ is hate speech.

I first learned this decades ago, visiting a book store in a posh suburban retail area.  I heard a male voice yelling very loudly.  I looked outside to see what was up.  I saw a man across the street, didn't really see anything else going on.  Then a few minutes later someone came in and announced, "Off his medication".

At first I accepted that interpretation.  But then later I thought more, no, that guy has no obligation to stay medicated to please everyone else.

And when you see someone who is angry, yelling, talking to himself, for no apparent reason, most people will call that ~mental illness~.  But there is another more basic interpretation, simply that the person is angry, and with good reason.

We might not know why they are angry, and the party might not want to tell us or might not even be able to.  But if they are angry, then I say that it must be for good reason.  When someone has a nullified social and civil standing, the probably will not be able to redress wrongs.

But this matter is further compounded by things like Mind Freedom, making an unequivocal pledge to non-violence as a way of life.  It is appeasement.  Knowing when and how to use physical violence is a part of life.

And then likewise psychotherapists always see one of their main jobs, as required by law, being to talk people down, to make sure that they are disclosing all of their affairs, while at the same time always pledging non-violence.  This is belittling and humiliating, and no one should ever go along with it.

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