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Re: Replies To Steve
« on: August 05, 2019, 04:28:40 pm »
Denouncing Psychotherapy:

Fiachra wrote, "but that psychological method does"

The psychological method does work?  Work to do what?

All it does is let people talk themselves out, and eventually get them to accept the premise that they should not try to redress wrongs.  Its just talking them down.  Its exactly what police do, except that they will keep you handcuffed to a table in an interrogation cell for the talk down.

And you wrote of recovery from ~schizophrenia~, "Its mostly about dealing with Anxiety and coming off drugs safely."

Well then why do you want to call it ~schizophrenia~?  Why not just call it anxiety and drug addiction?

~Recovery~ is just a way of further invalidating survivors, making it look like they are the problem.

Steve wrote, "Most therapists have been coopted by the psychiatric industry and the DSM."

But even if the psychiatric industry and DSM did not exist, I have never seen any evidence the psychotherapy has anything good about it.

If you have been in the mental health system, or in psychotherapy, then you do not have a biography anymore, because the course of you life has been disrupted by something which is considered invalid and worthless.  So you cannot present your biography in an honorable way.

And isn't this correct, the way it should be?  If you have been in psychotherapy, what is honorable about that?  And how could psychotherapy ever do anything to remedy objective issues?

Your psychotherapist is not going to place themselves at risk to vanquish foes.  Yet vanquishing foes is the gold standard for restoring your public honor.

Great Book:

Parceval vanquishes foes on a continual basis.  But the most important is the Red Knight.  The first time Parceval approached him, unarmored, unarmed, untrained, he told him to surrender.  He didn't and kept terrorizing the countryside.  So the next time Parceval approach him, he put a javelin into his helmeted forehead.

While I realize that I do not know every last therapist, and so I cannot rule out the possibility of their being one exception, it seems that the whole premise of psychotherapy is that it happens in the therapist's office, because it pertains to what is going on between the client's ears.

So I say, psychotherapy is a horrible sham, a con.  And I think everyone really knows this, and has always known this, certainly going back to Freud.  So if I say that I am in psychotherapy I am telling people that I can be easily conned, I can be convinced that my problems lie between my ears, and I do not care about restoring my public honor.  And that is how people will hear it, they will see me as a neurotic.

And then psychotherapy is using a horribly discredited model of cognition.  Maybe only the Criminal Justice System, Religion, and Psychotherapy still use this Representational or Cartesian Model.  Its the model that tells us that somewhere in your dog's head, there is a representation of the dog's name.

People know that it does not work this way.  Cognition is embodied.

^^^  best introductory explanation around.

An often used idea from this school of thought, Autopoeisis, is:

"All knowing is doing" and "All doing is knowing."

This is very compatible with Martin Heiddeger's 1927 "Being In Time".

He showed us that the Cartesian kind of detached thinking is not everyday consciousness.  Rather what Heidegger called everyday consciousness was what he called being, "Always Already Thrown" to language, or more commonly "Being In The World".

What Psychotherapy operates on, Cartesian ideas, with Freud's addition of the Unconscious, IS A DISTRACTION.  It does not get to your actual life experience, it is merely an abstracted reflection.  It is a ruse, it is a type of Witch Doctoring.

So if I say, "I know that there is widespread abuse which creates an underclass of marginalized people, and I know that we must put a stop to this", then the proper question is, "What are you doing about it"?

If my answer is "nothing" or "I am talking with my therapist about it", then the proper conclusion is that I do not really know what I claimed to know.

If I did know, I would be acting.  When you see someone trying to stop the abuses that are the middle-class family, and that are psychiatry and drugging, and that are the con game that is psychotherapy, then they are actually someone who knows.