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Re: Reply about the new manual
« on: July 06, 2019, 03:23:04 pm »
Lucy Johnstone, why do you think anyone would go along with this, let you open your new manual and label them? You are preying on survivors, because no one who has not already been severely abused would submit to you.

All you are doing is replacing the Biomedical model with a Moral Superiority – Self Improvement Model.

You’re trying to make people surrender any and all efforts a restoring their public honor.

The state licenses people like you, because you get people to submit, and to stop fighting back.

So as I am understanding the later writings of Foucault, the state used to have to use the threat of execution to control people.

But now, not necessary. And then think about the people who have gone with psychotherapy, recovery, and salvation religion. They are completely passive. No need to brandish the threat of execution with them. They can be controlled very easily simply by withholding from them the permission to die.

And as long as there are financial and status incentives, we will continue trying to replace the Biomedical model with the Morally Superior and Self-Improvement model.

Our state licenses Psychotherapists and Recovery Programs to keep survivors from ever trying to fight back.