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Re: Reply to Bonnie B., about honor
« on: August 05, 2019, 05:25:33 pm »
Denouncing Nick Walker and his Radical Neurodiversity Stuff


So that is where I want to go.  I want a theory which will give a way of opposing Psychiatry and the drugging, and also the con that is Psychotherapy.  And I want to go after the nonsense which is the Recovery Movement.  To me they all seem to have the same intent, to create an underclass, so that we don't need to question the Self-Reliance Ethic in an advanced industrial and information economy.  We don't need the extra workers, but we have the people, so what do we do with them?

So Foucault wrote the stuff about BioPower and BioPolitics in the late 70's, a series of lectures.

Then people seem to see Alain Badiou as the successor to both Foucault and to Deleuze and Guattari.  He wrote The Subject in 1982.  Might be a book which shows how to oppose BioPower and BioPolitics.

And then Judith Butler at UC Berkeley, I think she has written about ways to oppose BioPower and BioPolitics, and it is difficult.  Sounds like she sees it as something which cannot be direct.

And Butler is a partner of Wendy Brown, one of our major theorists of Neo-Liberalism, and the author of "Undoing the Demos".

I think these are the things we should be looking at, not debating with Psychotherapists and with people who want to add street drugs into the mix of chemicals used to keep people tranquilized.

And I also want to go after this ~Autism Asperger's Neurological Difference~ sham.

As I know, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, includes a provision of protection from labeling.

I consider this very important, essential.  And it is where I break with all the Autism and Neurodiversity advocates, and even with this Nick Walker and his Radical Neurodiversity.

People have Cognitive Liberty today.  People can think anyway they want.

Now if you say it, that is a different matter.  Say the wrong things, and especially to your psychotherapist, and you will likely end up handcuffed to a table in a police interrogation cell.

So I see this protection from labeling as far more important that this idea of Cognitive Liberty.  End the labeling and then everybody is just who they are.  Problem solved.

I read the stuff the Autism advocates write, and I can understand and identify with much of it.  But I interpret it totally differently.  I do not see there as being any objective reality to Autism, Asperger's, or to this Neurological Difference.  I just see that we have a cruel world which uses bullying to socialize, and that most people have little refuge from this.

I also notice one thing though, though they do not say it, I see in the writings of these self identifying autistics, that most of the time things start to look better for them, once they no longer live with their parents.

So Nick Walker pushes this idea of Radical Neurodivergence as far as possible, so that it does not seem to mean anything.

But of these courses he has, he also says"

"The instructor must be autistic."

"The Instructor Must Be a Participant

 in Autistic Culture, Community, and Resistance"

"At least 80% of the assigned readings should be by autistic authors."

So I see his work as being completely misguided.  He is propagating the myth of Autism, and he is trafficking in the labels.  I do not see any reason that the labels cannot just be dumped immediately.

Sami Timimi says that with the label, people buy in to a fantasy, "Now someone is going to really figure out what is going on."  And yes I see this, too, in the writings of these self proclaimed autistics.  But I see that the purpose it serves for them has to do with the Self-Reliance Ethic, and with the need to exonerate perpetrators.

I also notice something else, besides Nick Walker being involved in this thing about giving MDMA to ~Autistics~ to alleviate ~social anxiety~, I see that this California Institute of Integral Studies has lots of stuff about using street drugs, ~Psychedelics~, as an expansion of the psychiatric drugging travesty.

I have looked over many years at their web site for various reasons.  I never saw any stuff like this.  But today I have to say that what this Nick Walker is doing, propagating the myth that there is some neurological difference behind the popular phenomenon of Autistic Identity, is just plain wrong and it needs to be ended.

And then of CIIS, I now consider it suspect.

I feel that the protection from labeling and the ending of these identities formed in a context of abuse, are far more important, than worrying about how people think, or about what curious mannerisms they might have.