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Re: Reply to Bonnie B., about honor
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:44:01 pm »
"Actually, as a member of the LGBTQ community, I can assure you that yes, we do advocate sexual diversity."

Can you show any links to the LBGTQ community making these calls for sexual diversity?  Can anyone supply such links?

I am going to look into the matter.  I hope that the LQBTQ community advances itself with more than calls for diversity.

Most invoke the Stonewall Rebellion as the example to follow.

And then there had been harassment and threats against this Camp Sister Spirit in Mississippi.  I never remember any calls for sexual orientation diversity.  They treated the whole matter as one of threats of lethality.

Now, as I was just thinking this morning, it turns out that a few months ago I had met a man who had been on the Board of Directors of a prominent local LQBTQ group.

But this acquaintance of mine is a strong believer in ~mental illness~ and in ~psychotherapy~  He believes that he has ~mental illness~.  He treats this with Crystal Meth, and he believes that ~psychotherapy~ and ~recovery~ are absolute necessities.

And the group he was a Board Member, as I know it does a lot of ~counseling~ for members of the LGBTQ Community who seem to be having difficulties.

My last words to this man were, "You are denigrating survivors with your talk about psychotherapy and recovery."  He denies this, but I finally just walked away from him.

I think now that what I was seeing was this, decades ago the Middle-Class Family would likely of condemned homosexuality, seeing it as a violation of the Self-Reliance Ethic.

Now, things have changed, and often the Middle-Class Family will not condemn homosexuality, so long as there is compliance with the Self-Reliance Ethic.

And so my acquaintance is like that, an enforcer of the Self-Reliance Ethic, via psychotherapy and recovery, but also an outspoken LGBTQ supporter.

And we know that the LGBTQ movement has always had both types.  Some insist on public transexuality and public displays of affection, because they insist on the same right which heterosexuals have.  While others try to come across as inoffensive and especially to be seen as employable, thinking here of things like the Mattachine Society.  But what this latter is doing is aligning itself with the ideologies of the Middle-Class Family.

Remember at the start of Bill Clinton's Presidency there was debate about gays in the military, and Clinton just wanted to flat out lift the ban.  So there was testimony before the Senate.  One woman in a white military uniform was talking about her own experience and her history of service.  Strom Thurmond from South Carolina asked her, "Have you talked to a doctor about getting help for your problem?"

If the LGBTQ community makes calls for "sexual orientation diversity", then I say that they are relinquishing their dignity and they are always going to have to be dealing with people who say that doctors and therapists can help them with their problems.  And so they had better be ready for the interment camps.

"besides that you are not understanding neurodiversity theoeists here, and your are very definately not hearing what I am saying"

Well as it stands I had just recently posted a great deal about this idea of ~neurodiversity~.

Here, 5 posts.

And then here it is, after calling for ~neurodiversity~ we finally have the promise of a cure, at least a treatment, the Transcranial Magnet, to make currents flow in the axons of the nerve cells inside the brain!

Bonnie wrote,

"I think PacificDawn, that you have really misunderstood what neurodiversity theorists are doing. They are not pleading for anything. They are directly countering a pathology paradigm with a neurodiversity paradigm."

This Steve Silberman, a proponent of neurodiversity, and one who finds a hero in Hans Asperger.  Asperger signed to send thousands of children to be euthanized.  If he had not been able to hide his association with the Nazi's, then Apserger would probably have been executed.

I read your discussion of this Nick Walker.


Why would anyone accept any kind of a label if they were not being conned and bullied?

Most of the time children are not really well positioned to take an absolute stand against their parents, and not when the parents are backed up by white coats, and not when the child is being placed in situations which are not safe.

Bonnie did you have a lapel tag in mind, for radical neurodiversity, not for pathology of course?

You say there are many ways to resist.    Do you consider capitulating to bullies to be a way of resisting?

Would you say that Neville Chamberlain was resisting at Munich?

Why would anyone accept any kind of a stigmatizing label unless they were being placed under duress and conned?

Bonnie, fortunately not everyone responds to oppression in the ways that you suggest.

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