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Re: Reply to Bonnie B., about honor
« on: July 19, 2019, 07:35:21 pm »
This is a wretched attempt to attach an Autism / Neurological Difference label to people, probably often children.

"NW: Exactly. It is not possible to think outside the norm without building neural pathways in your brain… And every mad brain is a neurodivergent brain, which is different from someone’s whose thoughts stay within cultural norms."

The human brain is extraordinarily complex.  The idea that just because someone seems to be tempered a bit differently, or seems to communicate or think a bit differently, that you can say that they have a ~neurodivergent~ brain is preposterous.

Sami Timimi insists that there are absolutely no biological markers to the diagnosis of Autism / Aspergers.

None genetic, none otherwise.

This ~neurological difference~ is a fantasy which has been created to legitimate the continuing abuse of children and adults.

You want to pin labels onto people, and when there is zero evidence for this.  And you call this cognitive liberty?  You think people need to accept such a label in order to have cognitive liberty, in order to legitimate their thoughts?

"Oh, I think differently, I have a neurological difference, and I am protected by the principle of cognitive liberty."

This is what you want?  That is an unconscionable stigmatizing, and for no legitimate reason.

If I have anything to say about it, this will fought in courtrooms across the land.

And no I do not go along with any general drug decriminalization.  Such decriminalizations should come on a case by case basis, and only when there is a long history of it being impractical to enforce a prohibition.  We don't want to deliberately introduce any new drugs, such as drugs formerly issues by prescription.  The more people on such drugs, the more problems.

Why Bonnie you would want such a thing I cannot see.  Your thinking seems to be detached from any reality, and rather driven by I do not know what.