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Re: Reply to Bonnie B., about honor
« on: July 26, 2019, 04:35:56 pm »
Joey wrote, " bathe three to four times weekly in sulfur salts, as my ‘autistic’ liver (a non-psychological organ) does not process enzymatically without the sulfur I absorb through my skin, which my ‘autistic’ liver cannot produce on its own. My brain chemistry works differently – sedatives keep me awake, and stimulants put me to sleep, much to the chagrin of anesthesiologists who have had me wake up in the middle of surgeries in spite of their best efforts."

You are helping to demonstrate what Sami Timimi etal are saying, "Autism does not exist."  Once of the reasons they say this is that it is so broadly defined as to no longer mean anything.

I have no idea what is going on with your liver or with these sulfur salts.  Sounds like you are in need of some serious medical treatment right away.

As far as having a different brain chemistry, no one knows that.  Refuting that kind of an idea is the primary focus of this forum.  Whittaker does an excellent job of this.

You also wrote, "Autistics are approaching 25% of live-births worldwide, and will, within a century, be the “typical” of this neurodivergent species."

Well that 25%, and of both males and females, is the largest number I have ever heard.  This explosion in the assessment rates is again one of the factors that Timimi etal point to to bolster their position, "autism does not exist."

People get marginalized and mistreated, so then medical theories like Autism-Aspergers give them some hope that eventually someone will find a reason.  But this does not mean that such reasons have any objective realities.

And no, I do not speak for you, and you have your rights to free speech, as do I, and as do Timimi etal.

Here, best analysis I have found explaining where the concept of Autism comes from:

The picture created is simply one of universal schooling, psychiatry, eugenics, and the middle-class family.

But you Joey are free to say whatever you think.  I would just like to point out that that freedom does not depend upon any neuro-diversity theory.  And tying it to such a theory, is in my view a big mistake.

What Nick Walker and Bonnie Bustow are doing amounts to telling people that they have Autism-Aspergers.  I consider this to be reprehensible, and I hope some of us can put out the counter message, that Autism does not exist.

Sami Timimi book:

Video, Timimi makes it clear that look as they do, there are still no biological markers:

Life can be hard, very hard, and all the more so when one is being targeted and marginalized.  What the Autism-Aspergers label seems to do most is just to exonerate abusers.

Interesting book:

One chapter deals with autism and the author admits that that is the singularly most controversial topic in the book, and really in the entire area of disability studies.

I am sure you know that it was just a few years ago that Arizona removed 5 children, plus a 6th older child, and pediatricians had to testify against the own Phoenix Children's Hospital shrinks who have given the 5 autism assessments.   The court finally agreed that the whole thing was just Munchausen's Syndrome By Proxy.

And the reason that the head of pediatrics got involved and pushed this, was she said that they had already fooled hundreds of doctors, and that now that they were exposed they were likely to leave the state and just start over somewhere else.

You talk about a "neurodivergent species".  Well know one knows that anything like this could happen.  It sounds like you are just following the eugenics movement, but arguing the opposite side.

What is true, in my opinion, is that people are starting to rebel against Muggle Socialization, the schools which do little more than to use bullying to achieve conformity.  Usually arguments in favor of autism depend upon this type of socialization, and upon the self-reliance ethic as backdrops.

As far was what drives any "lines of flight", Deleuze and Guattari say that it is Capitalism which creates schizos.  But as to what creates clinical schizophrenia, that is the mental health system itself.

Joey, I'm glad that you, someone committed to an autism identity, posted.  I am concerned about this liver condition.  But I also want people, like Bonnie, to see that Autism is not really different from the concept of Mental Illness.  You can't really argue against either one of them, unless you are prepared to argue against both of them.

Hey, I am opposed to Muggle Bullying Schools, and I support people to learn all that they can, books, computers, electronics, chemistry, mathematics, everything.  But as I see it, this is in no way helped by the concept of Autism.  And neurodiversity, pushed to its logical results, really does not mean anything.  It is something invented by people who are being subjected to oppression, and it helps the oppressors.