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reply to Milan
« on: August 08, 2019, 07:54:29 pm »
Well I think the mental health system has always been bogus.  Today all it does is create a vast amount of pain and suffering, as well as a giant underclass.

So first I call for a hard line stance, No Drugs, No Psychotherapy, No Recovery Programs.  It is important that people take this stance, so that they are not bound into the system.

Then we build political organizations and act.  We get the drugs off of the market, we eliminate all forced treatments, and we start putting some psychotherapists out of business and end the government licensing of psychotherapy.  We also get the government out of the Recovery and Salvation businesses.

We protect children as we try to now, but supplemented by setting up things like the Children's Home in an Israeli Kibbutz.  We can't eradicate the middle-class family, but we can do better in mitigating it.  Children must have back up places to go and back up places where they visit regularly and already feel welcomed.  This takes the place of Foster Care.  And so we also have voluntary universal day care and preschool, as they have in France.  Everybody uses it, because it is so good.

The United States is just about alone among industrialized nations in that it allows people to disinherit their children.  Legal scholars have tried to show the absurdity of this.  But here it is.  And it has gotten worse, as the one exception had been Louisiana, but in the mid 90's they changed their laws and even amended their state constitution.  But I talk to people online who live in other countries where the laws are different, and they seem to have no idea what the laws are even in their country.  Well, things have started to change in the Common Law Countries, staring with the 1938 Wills Variation Act in the British Parliament.  And then in the Civil Law Countries, Western Europe, Latin America, and now some on the Pacific Rim, there has always been such protection.  Not even necessary to have a lawyer.  So in the US, things need to change.  Can't use children as the family scapegoats.

And then we have to look at what is really creating this huge underclass in the industrialized nations, and especially in the US.  We live and work with advanced agricultural technology, advanced industrial technology, and advanced information technology.  And we have increasingly these boom and bust cycles.  First was around 1873, and then the 1930's.  And then after Ronald Reagan, I have lost count.  The reason is simply that most of our economy serves very soft needs.  We do not anymore need a very large work force.  But the way that is being dealt with is by labeling people as ~Addicts~ ~Alcoholics~ ~Mentally Ill~ or ~Autistic~.  I think it could go next to internment camps.

What Buckminster Fuller wrote was that because of advances in agriculture and industrial technology, we now have the ability to take care of every single person even better than royalty had lived in past centuries.

Now true, much of this technology of the 20th Century had been developed for killing people.  But we can use it differently.  We already produce more than enough of everything we need.  But as Fuller explained, "The reason we don't see this is that we expect everybody to prove that they can earn a living."

Seeing the carnage of two world wars, in 1947 Georges Bataille wrote his "Accursed Share".  It is that share which creates wars.  Bataille instead envisioned a Gift Economy.

Seeing produce left to rot on the ground and livestock being buried, because market prices were too low to pay the transportation costs, and seeing vast unemployment and mortgage foreclosures, in 1934 Upton Sinclair ran for Governor of California.  His platform was called production for use, because it is overproduction and over consumption which creates the busts.

Our society and our economic system need to change.  Right now one of the most destructive things we have going is the Work-Ethic, which is the basis of the Middle-Class Family.  Most of those in this underclass have been deeply effected by this teaching.

And then a broader version of this, the Self-Reliance Ethic, seems to be the basis of the Autism Industry.

So what to do, the most promising thing now seems to be Universal Basic Income, along with Medicare for All and a strong public housing offering along with free college.  This goes a bit beyond what Andrew Yang has written, 2020 Democrat for President:

Political involvement is always the replacement for the therapist's couch.

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