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Reply to Someone Else, Stigma and Discrimination
« on: July 22, 2019, 05:34:26 pm »
I agree 100% with Someone Else, and great links too.

And I want to emphasize that it is not just Psychiatry and the Biomedical Model.  Psychotherpy has always worked like religion.  It runs on a Moral Improvement Model.

Freud got his approval and social standing by selling out his patients, female ~hysterics~, and saying that they were lying or fantasizing about early childhood sexual molestation.

Now today, there would be consequences if a therapist tried to do that, call the client a liar.  But they still take the position that though they believe what you are saying, that it still does not rise to the level of anything which you need to do anything about.  So they are dismissing it, taking on the role of a judge, and deeming that you have no case.

Psychotherpy and the Recovery Movement have painted the picture that childhood trauma is harmful because it creates memories, and then that the harm is in these memories.  And these memories exist like a film of events.  It might be conscious, or following Freud, it might be unconscious.

But this is a horrible and no longer applied model of cognition.  It seems to go back to John Locke.

"He offered an empiricist theory according to which we acquire ideas through our experience of the world. The mind is then able to examine, compare, and combine these ideas in numerous different ways. Knowledge consists of a special kind of relationship between different ideas."

So your therapist will try to surface these memories.  They used to try to eradicate them.  But this is less and less.  But it is still completely faulty.  You have to look at the entire course of your life and at your present experience, to see how abuse and trauma has effected.  Most of the time what it does, consisting of betrayal, is it limits your social options.  So it makes it harder to form intimate relationships, it makes it harder to get an education, and it makes it harder to build a career.

If people understood how much the course of their life had been shaped by lies, denial, hypocrisy, and betrayal, the they would be leading the charge to hold perpetrators accountable.

But we don't see this, instead we see survivors echoing the language of psychotherapy and recovery, "healing"  "leaving it behind"  "forgiveness", and acting like nothing happened.  And the reason for this is that your psychiatrist needs to protect their own denial systems.  And the whole basis of their profession is that just by manipulating the victim, the wrong is corrected.

They like to say in Recovery programs, "the only person you have control over is yourself".  And this is totally untrue.  I helped 3 girls get their father a long sentence in our state prison.  A local attorney got a woman a $500k judgment against a childhood sexual abuser.

So what is it that is true?  It's that "Your Psychotherapist can only exploit the one who comes to their office, you!"

Here, Hubert Dreyfus, an expert on Heidegger and Existentialism shows that both Freud and Edmund Husserl studied under the same Franz Brentano.  And they each came to represent different paths.  Then following from Husserl to Maurice Mearleau-Ponty he shows us a different way of relating to ~Psycho Pathology~.

Of course I am not endorsing any idea of ~Psycho Pathology~, but I am simply saying that to appreciate how much one's life has been effected by trauma, one has to completely deconstruct ones self.  Just coming up with a film of events does not in anyway come close.

And then the most severe abuses will usually be coming from primary care takers, and they amount to serious betrayal.  Most middle-class child abuse ( physical, emotional, medical, and sexual ) are being rationalized as necessitated by the Self-Reliance Ethic.  Being able to do this and to create for themselves an unstigmatized adult identity will usually be why the parent decided to have children in the first place.  And for the most part our society exonerates them, and this will be continuing as you walk into your psychotherapist's office.

We should not be talking with psychotherapists, or clergy, or psychiatrists.

A better model of cognition:

And about this idealized autonomous subject which conservative political theory tends to create:

And then about how Jefferson was breaking with one of his intellectual mentors, John Locke, in his preamble:

And before I forget, how to people feel about a movement to label children with ~neurological difference~, and then to be telling them to build their lives around the doctrine of Cognitive Liberty and the concept of ~neurodiversity~?

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