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Psychotherapy works by talking people out and by talking people down.  It is a Recovery cliché that the only person you can change is yourself.  I helped three girls put their father into our state prison.  So the cliché has no truth.

But it does hide a truth, and that is that your psychotherapist can only mess with the person who is in his or her office.

And your therapist pays a huge office rent.  He or she is never going to place themselves at risk, helping you to vanquish foes to restore your public honor.  Your therapist has signed onto a world view which says that public honor and vanquishing foes are not only unimportant, but that the ideas are morally retrograde.

The HERO'S JOURNEY - Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell wrote of an ordeal which people need to go through.  And when this pertains to actual systemic injustice, it will mean vanquishing foes, real people who are going to try and fight back.

Well fortunately none of these hero's every walked into the office of a Psychotherapist, or they would have been talked out of it.

When you meet a psychotherapist, ask them to show you their flattened knuckles, and their knife and bullet scars.  As them how much money they have recovered for their clients.

Of course they will have done nothing, nothing which benefits their clients, except letting them talk themselves out until they give up on the idea of honor.

Shari Karney fought long and hard, to benefit survivors.  But your psychotherapist could not be a psychotherapist, if they even believed in anything like this.

Were it not for Shari, the US Roman Catholic church would not have had the $2 Billion in sexual abuse judgements against it, and only because of such costs is anything changing.

"The practice of psychotherapy is wrong because it is profiting from another person's misery."

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