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Charles Webster Leadbeater
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:02:31 pm »
Charles Webster Leadbeater

I know there are serious problems with this guy.  I want to learn about him because he was central to this Liberal Catholic Church and to the Theosophical Society, and seemingly close to Annie Besant.

We have this, A textbook of theosophy / by C. W. Leadbeater 1971, 11th edition.

Got this picked out for reading about Annie Besant

Annie Besant : a biography / Anne Taylor (1992) Oxford U Press

Also, J. I. Wedgwood, and serious problems with him too.

1911, book about Organ Stops
 A comprehensive dictionary of organ stops, English and foreign, ancient and modern : practical, theoretical, historical, aesthetic, etymological, phonetic / by James Ingall Wedgwood ; with a foreword by Francis Burgess

Some of the LCC rite

And here, the UCC rite:

and here is the LCC

William S.H. Downey, presiding bishop, can't find any books by him, but that UCC site is a treasure trove.

I find this though

The Liberal Catholic Church : an analysis of a hybrid sect / Warren Christopher Platt. (1982)

So apparently UCC has its own church properties:

enough for now

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