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Deconstructing Gurdjieff
« on: November 19, 2019, 06:51:22 pm »
So reading this Tobias Churton book about Georges Gurdjieff.

Churton is a prolific writer.  I cannot imagine how he can read how many books as he must.

This discussion of Gurdjieff does follow on from his discussion of turn of the century Paris.

Some books and people are introduced.

A highly influential thinker and writer:

Antoine Fabre d'Olivet (December 8, 1767, Ganges, Hérault – March 25, 1825, Paris)

 French author, poet and composer whose Biblical and philosophical hermeneutics influenced many occultists, such as Eliphas Lévi, Gérard Encausse - Papus and Édouard Schuré.

Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre 
 (26 March 1842 – 5 February 1909) was a French occultist who adapted the works of Fabre d'Olivet (1767–1825) and, in turn, had his ideas adapted by Gérard Encausse alias Papus. His work on "L'Archéomètre" deeply influenced the young René Guénon. He developed the term Synarchy—the association of everyone with everyone else—into a political philosophy, and his ideas about this type of government proved influential in politics and the occult.

And then Papus.

And then especially
Édouard Schuré
Eduard (Édouard) Schuré (January 21, 1841 in Strasbourg – April 7, 1929 in Paris) was a French philosopher, poet, playwright, novelist, music critic, and publicist of esoteric literature.

And his book is in academic libraries

The great initiates : a study of the secret history of religions / translated from the French by Gloria Rasberry. Introd. by Paul M. Allen.

Gurdjieff was very aggressive about educating himself too.  Have to admire that.

And then talk about Jules Doniel, as he founded the Gnostic Church.

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Re: Deconstructing Gurdjieff
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2019, 08:14:10 pm »
So to follow up on stuff from the Tobias Churton book on Gurdjieef:

G's organization was Institute for Development of the Harmonious Human Being, IDHHB.

This ran for along time.  I talked to someone with them in Palo Alto, maybe 20 years ago.

If you looked in a library at a book by or about G., you might find an IDHHB book mark.

But today though, looks like IDHHB has been taken over or merged with one E. J. (Jeff) Gold, a self styled G. imitator.  Maybe this is for the better.

So Peter D. Ouspensky, major follower of G.  Read some of his stuff.  But later Ouspensky turned against G.

Some of his books can now be found online.

I would be more inclined to go along with Ouspensky than with G. himself.

Today only  Uspenskiĭ, P. D. (Petr Demʹi︠a︡novich), 1878-1947. 
In search of the miraculous; fragments of an unknown teaching.
 is in academic libraries around me.

Both G. and Ouspensky amounted to Anti-Marxists, especially Anti-Bolsheviks.

But Ouspensky helped found the London School of Economic Science, and they are built first and foremost on the works of the American Socialist Henry George.

Labor MP Andrew MacLaren


and right here, a book about them

East meets West : the stories of the remarkable men and women from the East and the West who built a bridge across a cultural divide and introduced meditation and Eastern philosophy to the West / John Adago (2014)

Yeah I gotta read this: