Author Topic: The Liberal Catholic Church : an analysis of a hybrid sect / Warren Christopher Platt. 1982  (Read 40 times)


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The Liberal Catholic Church : an analysis of a hybrid sect / Warren Christopher Platt. 1982

Made by photocopying from the microfilming of a Columbia Univ. Doctoral Dissertation.

Okay, so this is even more interesting than I had expected.  Platt is an Episcopalian Priest.  In 1982 he was completing a doctorate in Religion, at Columbia University.  He decided to study this LCC.  He did a very good job.  Shows his questionnaires

LCC does not ordain women!  Hard to imagine that, especially with the huge role which Annie Bessant played in getting it going.

They ask in questionnaire if members had involvement in

Christian Science,
Divine Science,
Religious Science,
Unity School of Christianity,
Swedenborgian Church

The first four we have locally, and they and their people go right up my spine.  Cannot stand them.  Taken in more recent times to just telling them off if they try to speak to me.

Of the fifth, there is one in San Francisco.  Did not know that it was really a church.  Want to learn more about it.

And Swedenborg did keep mistresses.

Now, of the book, at this time I want to record some of its references.  But not sure how easy it would be to obtain many of these, except maybe for going to Ojai CA.

John Wilson, Religion in American Society:  The Effective Presence, 1978

Peter F. Anson, Bishops At Large, 1964

C. C. Martindale, Theosophy, 1913

Eric S. Taylor, The Liberal Catholic Church: What Is It?, 1966

James Ingall Wedgwood, founding Bishop of LCC.

Along with Leadbeater, Bishop Piggot was another funding Bishop.

Parry and RIvett, An Introduction to the Liberal Catholic Church.

Irving S. Cooper, Theosophy Simplified, 1979

--- Ceremonies of the Liberal Catholic Rite., 1964

Geoffrey Hodson, another leading Bishop and Theosophist

Frank Waters Piggot, another leader

Charles C. Wicks, The Liberal Catholic Church and Some Facets of Its Doctrine, 1977

Leadbeater, The Science of the Sacraments  ( the reason they don't ordain women )

Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Theospohy: A Modern Revival of Ancietn Wisdom, 1930

Jinarajadasa, C., The Law of Christ, 1947

Sheehan, Teaching and Worship of the Liberal Catholic Church.

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