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Re: Yazidi
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So here they are saying that the Yazidi faith goes back to 4000 BCE, so this is 6000 years.  They say it started, I guess in Persia or the Middle-East.  But they are also saying that it connects to the Hindu faith.

Peacocks are native to India, not to the Middle-East.

Their two scripture books go back only to the 11th and 12th Centuries, CE.

okay, this has their scriptures, and some critical discussion

Islamic State Fighters taking Yazidi Women into Sexual Slavery

Yezidi Communities In Other Countries, like the US

Peacock Angel

A comment, it has always seemed to me that the first half or so of Genesis was probably a refutation of earlier narratives.  But if you do not know that those earlier narratives are, then you will probably misinterpret the intent in Genesis.  Well it seems now that the Yezidi have part of this earlier tradition.  Expanding on the same root narratives, but in a different way.

Ron Lelito
Thelema & the Yezidi "Devil Worshippers"  (OTO)

This connects Gurdjieff to the Yezidi influence

Deconstructing Gurdjieff : biography of a spiritual magician / Tobias Churton (2017)

This talks some about Yezidi
In search of truth : Augustine, Manichaeism and other gnosticism : studies for Johannes van Oort at sixty / edited by Jacob Albert van den Berg [and others] (2011)

Look like very interesting books, but not in libraries

Devil Worship: The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidis by Isya Joseph (2016)

Cauda Pavonis: Esoteric Antinomianism in the Yezidi Tradition by  Peter Lamborn Wilson (2019)

Yezidi Holy Books by  Gregory K. Koon (2016)

The Black Book of the Yezidis by Jon Lange (2017)

The Yezidis: Their Sacred Books and Traditions by Isya Joseph