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The Gifted Movement is the counter part to the Autism/Aspergers/Neurodiversity Eugenics Hoax.  It is the more reasonable approach.  When one reads the autism narratives their is always a common feature, two extremely intelligent parents who do not recognize and honor their own intelligence.  Instead they see their child as a problem and an embarrassment.  Eventually the child internalizes this, so even if the parents aren't driving them to the doctor, the child will be driving themselves.

The counter view is found in the Gifted Movement.  Though I'm sure I don't agree with all of it, the central ideas I do agree with, and I am working to learn more about it.  It is simply the way it goes when people decide to honor their own intelligence and that of their child.  It what happens when parents stand with their child, where as in the Autism/Aspergers/Neurodiversity families, the parents are exploiting their child.

The Gifted Movement predates the rise in NeoLiberalism in the 1990's which resurrected the Nazi Eugenics concept of Autism/Aspergers.  The Gifted Movement and the Post-Human / Trans-Human movements are the reasonable alternatives.

Genius Denied, by Jan and Bob Davidson(2004)
These are the people who are running a special school which uses part of the U Nevada Reno campus.  They require proof of an IQ of 145.  If you believe in IQ and that it measures anything meaningful, and that the scale is calibrated correctly, than that would be the top 0.7% of the population.

FWIW, in the Organization which I am building we will not be using IQ tests or any other kinds of tests.  But I want to read the above text and understand it.

Here I want to list some other references which I plan to avail myself of:

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