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Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Deconstructing Gurdjieff
« Last post by forbitals on November 19, 2019, 06:51:22 pm »
So reading this Tobias Churton book about Georges Gurdjieff.

Churton is a prolific writer.  I cannot imagine how he can read how many books as he must.

This discussion of Gurdjieff does follow on from his discussion of turn of the century Paris.

Some books and people are introduced.

A highly influential thinker and writer:

Antoine Fabre d'Olivet (December 8, 1767, Ganges, Hérault – March 25, 1825, Paris)

 French author, poet and composer whose Biblical and philosophical hermeneutics influenced many occultists, such as Eliphas Lévi, Gérard Encausse - Papus and Édouard Schuré.

Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre 
 (26 March 1842 – 5 February 1909) was a French occultist who adapted the works of Fabre d'Olivet (1767–1825) and, in turn, had his ideas adapted by Gérard Encausse alias Papus. His work on "L'Archéomètre" deeply influenced the young René Guénon. He developed the term Synarchy—the association of everyone with everyone else—into a political philosophy, and his ideas about this type of government proved influential in politics and the occult.

And then Papus.

And then especially
Édouard Schuré
Eduard (Édouard) Schuré (January 21, 1841 in Strasbourg – April 7, 1929 in Paris) was a French philosopher, poet, playwright, novelist, music critic, and publicist of esoteric literature.

And his book is in academic libraries

The great initiates : a study of the secret history of religions / translated from the French by Gloria Rasberry. Introd. by Paul M. Allen.

Gurdjieff was very aggressive about educating himself too.  Have to admire that.

And then talk about Jules Doniel, as he founded the Gnostic Church.

Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Re: Ge Wang and ChucK programming language
« Last post by forbitals on November 16, 2019, 06:15:27 pm »

G. Randy Slone, I don't agree with him about everything, but he wrote good books and he also sold some products.  Some were circuit boards for what it describes in the books.  Others were this thing he called the "audio engine", no integrated circuits in the signal path.

Again I don't agree with everything he did, but still worth studying.

He has passed away, did have a continuing tribute web site.  Not sure if it exists anymore.

Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Ge Wang and ChucK programming language
« Last post by forbitals on November 16, 2019, 05:09:56 pm »
Ge Wang, Stanford, really interesting

ChucK, a programming language written for music, by Ge Wang.

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Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Ontology is the philosophical study of being
« Last post by forbitals on November 12, 2019, 08:23:46 pm »
Ontology is the philosophical study of being

Having reached a point decades ago where it seemed like my career had been boxed in, turned into something just to get money, and that becoming more and more difficult.

What had been lost was the feeling that it was about the work itself and the skills being used.  What was being lost was the conviction that it was all and ends activity, something which had value in and of itself.

So I started trying to broaden my education.  I needed to learn new things, needed to go further than I had.

So I came across the works of Maturana and Varela, in Chile, and particularly their book Tree of Knowledge.


The book has lots of pictures.  But it is also a rare book that I could not assimilate it just by skimming in the book store.

More than anything, I think it does a tremendous job of showing us how deeply embedded into popular psychology we find Social Darwinism.  And it completely debunks this.  It challenges us to grow and to change how we think about ourselves and about society.

We are told of how things are effected by events, and we are told to look at ourselves as quite autonomous.  And we are told about biological adaptation.

But this book in great detail shows us how there is always a couple to the environment, and that what things which happen are simply being triggered by outside events, but that potentiality had to have been there already.  And we are told about Phylogenic Drift, as opposed to biological adaptation.

This book changed me greatly and sent me in directions that I finally decades later feel are finally starting to pan out.

Ontology is that other way of looking at things instead of Epistemology.

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Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Re: American Fascists, by Chris Hedges
« Last post by forbitals on November 04, 2019, 07:44:42 pm »
American Fascists
The Christian Right and the War On America
by Chris Hedges

In this version of the Christian Gospel, the exploitation and abuse of other human beings is a good.  Homosexuality is an evil.  And this global, heartless system of economic rationalism has morphed in the rhetoric of the Christian Right into a test of faith.  The ideology it espouses is a radical evil, an ideology of death.  It calls wanton destruction, destruction of human beings, of the environment, of communities and neighborhoods, of labor unions, of a free press, of Iraqis, Palestinians or others in the Middle East who would deny us oil fields and hegemony, of federal regulatory agencies, social welfare programs, public education--in short, the destruction of all people and programs that stand in the way of a Christian America and its God-given right to dominate the rest of the planet.  The movement offers, in return, the absurd but seductive promise that those who are right with God will rise to dominate the rest of the planet.  The movement offers, in return, the absurd but seductive promise that those who are right with God will rise to become spiritual and material oligarchs.  They will become the new class.  Those who are not right with God, be they poor or Muslim or unsaved, deserve what they get.  In the rational world none of this makes sense.  But believers have been removed from a reality-based world.  They believe that through Jesus all is possible.  It has become a Christian duty to embrace the exploitation of others, to build a Christian America where freedom means the freedom of the powerful to dominate the weak.  Since believers see themselves as becoming empowered through faith, the gross injustices and repression that could well boomerang back on most of them are of little concern.  They assuage their consciences with the small acts of charity they or their churches dole out to the homeless or the mission fields.  The emotion -filled religious spectacles and spiritual bromides compensate for the emptiness of their lives.  They are energized by hate campaigns against gays or Muslims or liberals or immigrants.  They walk willingly into a totalitarian prison they are helping to construct.  They yearn for it.  They work for it with passion, self-sacrifice and a blinding self-righteousness.


Remembering the Greensboro Massacre of 1979, When KKK & Nazis Killed 5 People in Broad Daylight

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Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Re: Yazidi
« Last post by forbitals on October 24, 2019, 07:01:28 pm »

So here they are saying that the Yazidi faith goes back to 4000 BCE, so this is 6000 years.  They say it started, I guess in Persia or the Middle-East.  But they are also saying that it connects to the Hindu faith.

Peacocks are native to India, not to the Middle-East.

Their two scripture books go back only to the 11th and 12th Centuries, CE.

okay, this has their scriptures, and some critical discussion

Islamic State Fighters taking Yazidi Women into Sexual Slavery

Yezidi Communities In Other Countries, like the US

Peacock Angel

A comment, it has always seemed to me that the first half or so of Genesis was probably a refutation of earlier narratives.  But if you do not know that those earlier narratives are, then you will probably misinterpret the intent in Genesis.  Well it seems now that the Yezidi have part of this earlier tradition.  Expanding on the same root narratives, but in a different way.

Ron Lelito
Thelema & the Yezidi "Devil Worshippers"  (OTO)

This connects Gurdjieff to the Yezidi influence

Deconstructing Gurdjieff : biography of a spiritual magician / Tobias Churton (2017)

This talks some about Yezidi
In search of truth : Augustine, Manichaeism and other gnosticism : studies for Johannes van Oort at sixty / edited by Jacob Albert van den Berg [and others] (2011)

Look like very interesting books, but not in libraries

Devil Worship: The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidis by Isya Joseph (2016)

Cauda Pavonis: Esoteric Antinomianism in the Yezidi Tradition by  Peter Lamborn Wilson (2019)

Yezidi Holy Books by  Gregory K. Koon (2016)

The Black Book of the Yezidis by Jon Lange (2017)

The Yezidis: Their Sacred Books and Traditions by Isya Joseph

Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / American Fascists, by Chris Hedges
« Last post by forbitals on October 17, 2019, 04:23:36 pm »
American Fascists

The Christian Right and the War On America

by Chris Hedges

So a number of interesting books referred to.

Robert O. Paxton, The Anatomy of Fascism (2004)

Reinhold Niebuhr, The Irony of American History (1952)

Sara Diamond, Spiritual Warfare: the politics of the Christian Right (1989)

--- Roads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States (1995)

--- Not by politics alone: the enduring influence of the Christian Right (1998)

William Slone Coffin, The Heart is a Little to the Left: Essays on Public Morality (1999)

there is also James Luther Adams

Chris Hedges was one of his students.

Hedges starts with this from Umberto Eco

I find the above to be extremely insightful, but I only partially agree with it.  If you go with Eco, then Nietzsche is is a fascist, and so are Deleuze and Guattari.  I do not agree with this.
Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Re: Yazidi
« Last post by forbitals on October 17, 2019, 03:51:07 pm »
Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Yazidi
« Last post by forbitals on October 17, 2019, 03:47:15 pm »
Lalish temple dates back 4000 years

Thelema & the Yezidi "Devil Worshippers"
Philosophy, Religion, Esoteric, Occult / Ahl-e Haqq
« Last post by forbitals on October 12, 2019, 05:12:06 pm »
Ahl-e Haqq

Ahl-e Haqq (hereafter referred to as A.H.) is an oriental esoteric order that has attracted an immense number of followers over the centuries and has spread over a vast geographical area. In western provinces of Iran, (Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Azarbayejan) as well as Turkey and Iraq alone the adherents are estimated at around three million.

This Ahl-e Haqq is a Muslim esoteric group.  There seem to be lots of such teachings.  I suspect that this somehow connects to Yazidi, which are mostly Kurdish.  And then their may be some connection to the

Ismaili Nizari Shia

Quite a bit of esotericism and occult teachings in Islam.

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